I've actually kind of been looking forward to October and fall, and it feels kind of sad that I'll be spending 
two months of October in sunny California. But oh well, there'll be a fall and October next year as well!

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My absolute favorite kind of pancakes are my own homemade banana pancakes. I made these with
 one ripe banana, 2 eggs and one table spoon of coconut flour. I fried them in extra virgin coconut oil
 and topped them with kiwi, plums, crushed hazelnuts and some coconut flakes. Yummmmm. 



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3 things I look forward to
→ Our trip to California
→ Christmas
→ Next summer

3 things I like
→ Les Mills Bodycombat
→ Popcorn
→ My boyfriend <3
3 things I don't like
→ When the weather is cold
→ My birthday 
→ Pork meat (unless it's bacon)
3 things I want
→ Popcorn, literally every day
→ To be healthy
→ To llive a long and happy life
3 things I should
→ Stop procrastinating...
→ Clean my computer, and my phone...
→ Eat more veggies and less fruit
3 things I can
→ Speak 3 languages (Swedish, Finnish, English) + a little French
→ Make the best homemade popcorn!
→ Do the "lord of dance" yoga pose
3 things I can't
→ Wear high heels for a whole night
→ Study for tests...
→ Do a handstand
3 things on my wishlist
→ A new camera
→ A trip to Italy during summer
→ 2 kids in a couple of years, haha 
3 things that calm me down
→ Long walks in the woods or by the sea
→ Cuddling with my boyfriend
→ Yoga



My newest food-obsession is licorice smoothies. Ingredients? Dates, licorice powder, 
vanilla powder, sea salt, un-sweetened almond milk, chia seeds and frozen banana bites. Yummm. 



First; Newport Beach for a couple of days.

Then; the Grove/West Hollywood area in LA for almost a week.

Then; Las Vegas for a couple of days.

...with a one day quick getaway to Grand Canyon (South Rim). 

...finishing our trip with a few days in the Venice Beach/Marina del Rey area. 


SO... Now I wanna know the best places to eat!? Places that serve many gluten-free options... I've been to LA twice before, so I think I've got LA pretty much covered. I've however never been to Las Vegas nor Newport Beach before... So please help me if you know any good eats! Also, any other kind of tips and tricks, what to do, what not to miss etc. are very welcome. 

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Rainy days, fallen leaves, Hunter boots.

Movie nights.

Evening runs in these kind of sunsets.

School assignments, popcorn, lighted candles.