Today I'm spending the whole day on a cruise ship. Reason? 
Me and my boyfriend are travelling to Stockholm, wohoo! 



New winter jacket from Freeman T. Porter. Bought it on 60% sale (awesomeness!), and yup, it's
 unfortunately sold out now. It's exactly the kind of warm winter jacket that I've been looking for now
 for years - so you can guess how happy I was when I found it on 60% sale on Zalando last week!



The.Best.Shoes.Ever. Luckily I have two pairs. One hi-top 
and one pair of low-tops. I wear them both ALL the time.

All images via Pinterest.



Sooo... Me and my boyfriend recently started playing tennis. We bought Prince rackets and 
decided we were gonna be awesome at tennis. We aren't. We really suck. But hey, at least we're trying - 
and it's so much fun! Playing tennis is a really great way to work out, especially in the summer.



Beachdays! These are my beach essentials. Levi's denim cutoffs and Le Specs shades. I'm such a 
seal at the beach though, I just lay there like a dead seal, soaking up some sun (lol!). Oh, but I 
love eating watermelon at the beach! They're so easy to bring with - just cut one in half, wrap some
 plastic foil around it and bring the watermelon + a spoon with you to the beach. Easy as that!



For the winter. I got so jealous on my boyfriend that already have a pair last winter - I just had to buy 
a pair myself. How much they cost me? 60€. I think they were on 80% sale. Gotta love summersale!