Last summer at Rocktails with my fave C. 

Mud-masking. Not creepy at all.

A beautiful sunset last fall.

The fattiest breakfast ever with my awesome friend J.

Me and one of my most incredible friends ever, S. 


Last summaaaaaah.

Also last summaaaaaaah.

That fun night that started with me stumbling through the door to the pre-party saying "I might have had a
 "few" drinks already, I "might" be a "little" drunk..." and ended with me laying on my bedroom floor at
 6am in the morning, emptying a bag of chips and talking to someone on the phone for hours... 

Last summer, out on a powerwalk.



I must admit, I watch the Kardashians (and I love it). My absolute favorite member of the family is Kendall. She's 
got an amazing sense of style, she is beyond beautiful and she's a Scorpio just like me (meaning, I can relate to her). 



Can't believe I've never been to Italy. I wanna go so bad, soon!


bracelet by Gorjana HERE / skirt by T by Alexander Wang HERE / sandals by 
Alexander Wang HERE / sneakers by Nike HERE / sunnies by Victoria Beckham HERE



I've added another slightly sarcastic print to my little collection of slightly sarcastic prints in my 
apartment (lol!). Carpe scrotum = grab life by the balls. Other prints I've got at home are: 
"people disappoint - pizza is eternal" and "coffee - because crack is bad for you". 

I FINALLY got my first tattoo. I've always wanted a little Scorpio on my wrist (I'm a typical Scorpio). 
It happened kind of spontaneously and quickly, I just googled and found a tattoo artist that seemed good.
 Then sent an email - and got an appointment 2 days later. Lucky me! And do I like my tattoo? I LOVE IT. 

Oh, and then I've been sick... Actually, still am. Can't remember the last time I was this sick. 
Ugh. It's hell. The coughing is the worst, feels like I'm gonna crack my ribs everytime I start 
coughing, and it hurts sooooo much. But oh well, hopefully I'll get better soon...




I woke up on Friday morning the saddest person ever. I had been having bad dreams all night + was really sad about 
something currently going on in my life. BUT, the sun was shining, I was listening to great music, the coffee gave me a kick... 
And so on - so I just danced around all morning anyway. Then, I went to work (first picture), where I spent 7 stressful hours of my 
day. After work my friend Susanna came to meet me, and we then went grocery shopping. Finally home again I made us 
"protein bowls" (soy yoghurt, vanilla protein powder, dried coconut flakes, banana and almonds), and Susanna made us both 
drinks (7up, lemon juice, koskenkorva vodka nordic berries). After a couple of hours laughing at home we then walked into town 
(the walk there was half an hour of only laughter, so much fun). In town we met up with Susannas boyfriend (?) and his friend and 
went to a nightclub - where we danced the night away. We seriously spent 99% of the time at the dancefloor, and I only 
had one drink all night (mojito <3) - but still had the best time. At 4 am we walked back home... Halfway home we all went our
 separate ways and I walked home all by myself. I even took a longer way home, just to get to walk arounda little, I love walking 
around at night (haha weirdo). Back home I took a looooong hot shower before I went to bed. And that was my Friday.

What a personal blogpost...