Something that pretty much always is on my wishlist is a new LBD. You just simply never go 
wrong with a good-looking LBD. Above you can see my 4 current LBD wanties. I'm most 
obsessed with #3, since I think that one would be a perfect summer dress.

Find the dresses here:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4



Lucky to be happily in love. It's strange how you just meet someone, fall in love, and start spending most of your 
time with them. It's the strangest thing. Love is weird. But it's also the absolute greatest thing in the world. 



Hey guys, look at my new hair tool - an auto-rotating curling iron! I love it. I tried taking pictures 
of me using it, but the photos were horrible. Seriously, I just couldn't get it right. ANYWAY,  here's
 two photos from when I received it and had my first look at it. I've always been soooo bad at 
curling my own hair, but it was actually pretty easy with this one. You can find it online HERE.



I am in desperate need of some new workout tops. Above you can see 4 tops that are on my 
wishlist at the moment. Very dark colors even though spring is here, lol. Anyway, find them here:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4



White roses in our livingroom.


My dads new puppy Hugo.

Easter bonfire.

An early morning at work.

A fresh smoothie. Not my favorite, but it was ok.

My fave meal at the moment; smoothiebowl!

Cute little flowers.

Plank steak. Yummie.

Me watching a pretty sunset.



Spring is just around the corner, time to start wearing the biker jacket again!

All images via Pinterest.