I'm one of those who can't wear any other jewelry but silver jewelry. I just couldn't wear anything
in gold or rose gold. Silver is my thing. Above you can see 4 of my current wanties in the
bracelet-department. All of them are from Zalando, but I know many other webshops with
lots of jewelry - f.ex. Nelly.com, Freshtrends.com, Cosstores.com and Stories.com. 

Find the 4 silver bracelets here:

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FLORIDA! And especially Miami Beach & Key West. I've been to LA 3 times. I've also been to New York,
New Jersey, Grand Canyon in Arizona, Las Vegas, pretty much every little town in Orange County...
I feel like my next destination should be Florida. Anyone from Florida, or who has been there? 



In the mood for trashy jeans, raybans, biker jackets and sunny days.

All images via Pinterest.



Pretty Spring tulips in our home.

Out in the woods on a hike a couple of weeks ago.

Home sweet home.

Ah I just love the look of this Dermosil shower gel. Find it online here.

Last weekend I had arranged a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend who turned 30. It turned out
 great! This is him (to the right) and one of his best friend in the jacuzzi at the place where we had the party.

Ah, the forest and all its greenery. I just love it.



Something that pretty much always is on my wishlist is a new LBD. You just simply never go 
wrong with a good-looking LBD. Above you can see my 4 current LBD wanties. I'm most 
obsessed with #3, since I think that one would be a perfect summer dress.

Find the dresses here:

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Lucky to be happily in love. It's strange how you just meet someone, fall in love, and start spending most of your 
time with them. It's the strangest thing. Love is weird. But it's also the absolute greatest thing in the world.