Spring is in the air! 

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I really want a trenchcoat for spring. But I really can't decide on the color...

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I'm slowly getting ready for spring, clothing wise that will say... These are two of 
my latest buys. I really needed a new pair of sunglasses since my black RayBan 
wayfarers are beginning to look a bit "shabby" - which really is no surprise, since I've 
had them for 7 years (and worn them aaaall the time, pretty much). So, I decided to try 
a new pair of sunnies, this time from LeSpecs (find them online HERE). 

I also needed a new pair of spring-shoes, comfortable ones. I thought a lot about 
getting a pair of Nike Air Force's - but when I remembered I actually used to have 
a pair of Reebook Hi's (that I totally wore out, because I loved them so), I decided to 
click home a pair of Reebok's instead (find my Reebok's HERE). So... I'd say my 
eyes and shoes are ready for spring. Hey spring, where are you?



YUM. Banana pancakes + homemade vanilla icecream. Recipe? Pancakes: 1 banana & 1 egg, 
fry in coconut oil. Raspberry icecream: turkish yoghurt, frozen raspberries & agave syrup.